4 Favorite Preschool Books to Read to Your Kid

4 favorite preschool books to read to your kid.When you read to a preschooler, you want to choose books that he’ll want to read over and over again on his own. By choosing interesting, colorfully illustrated books, your preschooler will be more interested in reading.

I have 4 favorite preschool books to share with you. You can pick any of these up to read to your child. Hopefully, these books will ignite his interest in books and reading.


 Fast Food

A funny and interesting book that preschoolers love is Fast Food by Joost Elffers. In this book, ordinary fruits and vegetables get moving. Illustrated to look like they’re doing things a human could do, this book will spark your child’s imagination and entertain her for many reading sessions.

The book features potatoes on vegetable skateboards, onions on orange slice bicycles and even a cauliflower Santa Claus pulled in a sleigh by a vegetable reindeer.

The 32-page book uses all sorts of transportation modes to create a fast paced easy to read book. It can help your child learn to read not only because of its uniqueness but because it uses rhyming sentences, which always help a child when she’s learning to read.



 Good-Night, Owl!

Good-Night, Owl! by Pat Hutchins is a fun story for you to read to your child. It’s so cute and funny that your child is going to want to hear it often. This is the story of an owl that wanted to go to sleep but couldn’t because the other critters or insects were too noisy.

This 32-page book uses very easy to read sentences for a child. The book intersperses some of the sentences with the noises that the other critters make with, such as “crunch, crunch” for the squirrels and “buzz, buzz” for the bees.

Kids learn to read faster when they’re reading interactive books and with this one, you can have your child do the noise parts of the other critters or of the insects.



 Guess How Much I Love You

Guess How Much I Love You by Anita Jeram is a 24-page book for preschoolers that’s great for kids to learn how to read. The reason that this one helps a child learn to read is because it’s a book about a child’s love for a parent and a parent for a child, that’s told through the story of Little Nutbrown Hare and Big Nutbrown Hare.

The book has soft tone illustrations and is a very sweet story. Many parents read the book over and over to their child and their child picks up the words in the story quickly, and can then turn around and read it aloud to a parent.

One of the reasons that this story is easy for a child to grasp the words is because it deals with something that matters to all children: love.



 Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak is a 48-page book that’s packed with stunning illustrations and a story that will hook your child from the first page.

It’s the tale of Max, a little boy determined to create a ruckus. When he’s sent to his room for his behavior, his bedroom undergoes a magical, imaginative change, creating many adventures for him.

While he’s on his adventure, he has an encounter with the “Wild Things”. This beloved children’s tale uses easy to read sentences with words that your child can sound out.


The above are some of the most popular preschool books. What are your preschool favorite books to read to your child? I’d love to have you share some book titles with me!

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