5 Best Books for 5-Year-Old Boys

5 best books for 5-year-old boys to read.

Being five years old is the time in a boy’s life where he’s just about ready to begin schooling. If you read aloud to your child and teach him how to read for himself, he’ll enjoy his schooling, find it easier to understand what he’s taught and be ready for that step towards independence.

Help your child to grow and learn by introducing him to some of the best books for his age group. So here’s a list of books for 5-year-old boys to help you in selecting a few good books to add to his book collection.

With 5-year-olds usually big on their favorite things and passions, you’ll find story lines about a boy’s ambitions, bugs, trains, a little blue truck, and diggers.


 When I Was Five

When I Was Five by Arthur Howard is a 40-paged book about the character named Jeremy. The book is the story of what Jeremy wanted to do with his life when he was five. It takes a look at what’s changed in his life and the friendship that’s remained the same.

This lovely story has a lot of illustrations depicting things a boy loves and the story will resonate with your child.



 The Best Book of Bugs

The Best Book of Bugs by Claire Llewellyn is 32 pages long and packed with details. The book is all about bugs and the world that they live in. If your child loves creeping, crawling things, he’ll enjoy this book where he can immerse himself in the book and examine the crowded illustrations.

Not only is it an easy to read book, but highly educational too. It can act like a reference book for the young bug lover.



 Steam Train, Dream Train

Steam Train, Dream Train is a 40-page hardcover book by author Sherri Duskey Rinker. This book is the story of a train and what happens as it journeys along the tracks and goes from stop to stop.

Cute animals load the train cars with items like toys, ice cream, paints and balls. The book’s illustrations are done in soft, soothing colors. The sentences are written in verse and kept short on each page. It also introduces the young train lover to the different types of train cars.



 Little Blue Truck Leads the Way

Little Blue Truck Leads the Way by author Alice Schertle can be purchased in hardcover, paperback or electronic version. This is a cute, well-illustrated book about a truck named Blue.

It tells all about what happens to him in the city. He’s surrounded by vehicles of every size and shape and before he knows it, there’s a big traffic jam and everything’s a mess. All the vehicles want to be the first to move. The book teaches why it’s important to take turns.



 Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night?

Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night? by Brianna Caplan Sayres is a 26-paged board book about different machines. The book creates a cute story in which different machines get ready for bed. But as the story is told, questions are raised about the machines.

Questions wondering if the machines dream and what they dream about. The story also asks the question if the machines get goodnight hugs and if they get told to take a bath. A sweet, funny story, this book will be a favorite of any little boy that loves machines.


Does your boy own any of the above book titles and how does he like it? Do you have other books to share with us here? Leave me a comment below!

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