Books as Birthday Gifts for a 4-Year-Old Boy


Kaden turned 4 last month in February. This year, I’ve suggested books when others asked me what gifts to get for him. So the above are the books my husband and friends bought for him.

There are 3 reasons as to why I wanted to have book gifts for Kaden:

  1. So he has new books to read and also for me to read to him.
  2. To build up a small collection of books he can revisit anytime.
  3. Books are easier to keep on the bookshelf/book box and to be passed down to others in future.

We’ve already read through all these new books and so far, Biscuit Storybook Collection is his favorite. It contains 10 stories about the adventures Biscuit had with his owner, a little girl. It’s all very simple stories with short sentences and beautiful soft illustrations. Somehow, Kaden is drawn towards the stories and the antics of the titular puppy. This hardcover collection of stories is great value for money and very presentable as a gift.

For me, I’m more intrigued by the big book of The Day the Crayons Quit. What a creative story! Among this collection, this book contains the most text. Each crayon color presented a letter of complaint to the boy. I find it an entertaining read even for an adult. Harold and the Purple Crayon is another one that showcases an ingenious plot.

The two books about vehicles naturally captured boys’ attention as they normally do. For the Little Blue Truck, we have the board book format which is made of sturdy, thick board book material which makes for a nice presentable gift. For the Flashing Fire Engines, we have it in the paperback which is made of a soft cover. Looking at these book formats, I think if you’re getting a gift for others, the board book or hardcover format would make a nicer looking gift.

Fortunately is a book that’s written in the cliffhanger style and keeps the little ones guessing what’s going to happen next. The Knight and the Dragon has many exciting illustrations and some pages reminds me of comic books, and When I was Five have some fun illustrations too . All these three books are great for kids to read by themselves as the sentences are short and easy enough if you’ve been teaching your child to read.

Biscuit Storybook Collection The Day the Crayons Quit Harold and the Purple Crayon Little Blue Truck Leads the Way Flashing Fire Engines Fortunately The Knight and the Dragon When I Was Five

You can find out more about the books listed above at books for 4-year-old boys, books for 5-year-old boys, and books for 5-year-old girls.

Kaden seemed to have enjoyed all these books. I believe he’ll be revisit these books at a later date. So I’m pretty pleased with his book gifts. I too have bought a box of Dr Seuss books for his birthday. I’ll talk about this collection another time.

What do you think of getting books as gifts for your preschool child or other young children?

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