Category: Age Groups

Tips and Ideas for teaching young children to read according to their age groups.

How to Teach a 5-Year-Old to Read

A girl reading a book together with her father.

You probably wouldn’t want your child heading off to kindergarten and still struggling to learn how to read. Though kindergarten will teach your child basic phonetics, you can give your child a head start so that he has a better…

Teaching a 4-Year-Old to Read in Weeks

A boy and a gilr laughing among a pile of books.

The age of four is a big deal for your child. At this age, he’s a pretty independent little guy. Because he’s got a more extensive vocabulary than younger kids have, it’s easier for a child at this age to…

How to Teach a 3-Year-Old to Read at Home?

Mom teaching little boy to read.

Have you been looking at how to teach a 3-year-old to read at home? Let’s say you’ll be starting from ground zero where your kid hasn’t mastered his alphabet and letter sounds yet. Maybe you haven’t been reading to him…