Category: Tips & Ideas

A collection of tips and ideas that I’ve used or I think would help parents in teaching their toddlers or preschoolers to read at home.

Help Your Child Read Faster

Mother and young son reading a book together. Tips on helping your child to read faster.

There are two kinds of reading that’s considered fast when referring to a child. The first is when a child reads at a younger than average age. When this happens, people refer to it as reading fast. The second kind…

Tips about Toddler and Reading

Toddler and reading. Cute boy in red checkered shirt reading a book.

Today I’ll like to share my thoughts about two things, namely toddler and reading. Maybe you have a toddler at home and you’re wondering if there’s benefits to reading to your toddler. Or maybe you’re even wondering about the possibility…

Does Early Reading Matter?

Brother and sister reading a book together.

Does early reading give your kid a head start? Books can engage a child’s imagination. Young children are usually always eager to learn how to read. You’ll often find them sitting with a book and pretending to read. That’s what…

How to Teach Phonics to Your Preschooler

Kaden's three electronic phonics toys.

Wondering how to teach phonics at home? Preschoolers pick things up by sound – it’s how they first learn to speak as babies – because they mimic what they hear you say. I have a distinct memory of carrying my…

How to Teach Phonics to Your Toddler

Examples of letter a and letter b of an alphabet book.

Teaching phonics to a toddler is easier than you think and by helping him understand phonics, you’re laying a foundation to help him read. When you’re teaching a toddler about phonics, try to remember two these things. First, keep each…