Creating a Comfy Toddler Reading Nook for Your Child

Little girl sitting on a comfy armchair and reading.

Are you looking into setting up a cozy toddler reading nook?

By having a reading corner that’s your child’s own space, you can encourage your toddler to read more. You can create a reading area that doesn’t have to be expensive or even complicated.

Just pick out a space in your home that’s kind of out of the way of foot traffic, so that your child will be able to concentrate without interruptions.

There are a few places you can make use of and turn it into a cute little corner for your child to read. For example, you can create a nook in a corner of your child’s bedroom.

Spaces with bay windows also make great reading nooks for a child. I think this is a great place to create a little cozy corner for your kid to read. But we don’t have a bay window in our flat. If you have one, make full use of it!

Another neat idea is to turn a child wooden closet into a comfy reading nook! Or why not declutter the space below a staircase and transform it into a hideaway where your toddler can read in quiet?

You can also create a reading fort by making a canopy out of some material that you hang in one corner of his bedroom. You can do this by purchasing an inexpensive canopy ring that hangs from the ceiling. Your child is so going to love this creative and special place to read.

Right now, Kaden doesn’t have a dedicated reading corner. He would just grab a book and squat down beside the bookshelf to read, or he would sit down on his play mat to read. Sometimes, he would sprawl across his bed on his stomach or back to read. Other times, he would be sitting on the sofa and browsing through his books.

I would love to set up a reading corner for him when we move into our own place. Hopefully in the near future. But before that happens, I have a few tips for you to make your reading space a special place to be. :)

4 Tips to Make the Reading Fort a Special Place for Your Toddler

To make the space comfortable for a toddler, there are a few things that you can add.

1. You always want to think about the lighting. This is one of the most important things about the reading area.

If there’s not enough light for a toddler to read by, then this could lead to eye strain. If the reading nook is located right beside a window, you’ll get a lot of natural light and that’s helpful.

However, what you want to do is check to see how much light comes in at various times during the day. This will help you be able to decide how much additional light is needed. You can use a kid-friendly lamp if more is needed.

Little boy sitting on a comfy sofa and reading.2. Think about the way that your toddler enjoys a book. If he likes to read when he’s lying down, then try to give him a space that allows him to stretch out. You can get a toddler recliner or a toddler sofa for seating.

If there’s room in his reading nook and you have the budget, you might want to get both.

A reinforced beanbag chair is another option. If need be, you can also use an ottoman that’s placed against a wall so that he’ll have a way to rest his back.

3. You’ll need some kind of storage system in place to keep the books neat. If there’s not enough room, you can use baskets or plastic storage boxes. Currently, I’m using a plastic storage box and a small section of a big wooden wall cabinet for storing Kaden’s books.

But if you have the room, set up a toddler bookshelf. Or you can use those cubbyhole squares. The important thing is that your child has easy access to his own library.

4. When you’ve finished setting up the reading nook, you’ll want to add some comforting touches for her. Include some of her favorite colorful blankets. Give her lots of pillows and cushions so she can lounge around. Make the space cozy for her.

Add some framed pictures of her artwork to make the space hers. Don’t forget to put some of her treasured stuffed animals in the area as well! She’ll love reading “to” her friend.

If you like to see some photo examples of beautiful or cute reading nooks designed for toddlers and kids, hop over to check out my Pinterest board.

What other tips do you have for setting up a cute and comfy reading corner for kids? Have you set up one for your child? Share your ideas with me, I’d be happy to read about them!

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