Try These Early Childhood Reading Activities to Up Your Child’s Reading Confidence

Picture of crayons, a teacher and abc.Do you have a toddler or preschooler at home where you would like get her engaged in some fun early childhood reading activities?

I’ve come up with a three fun pre-reading activities you can do with your child, that not only introduces her to the alphabet, builds up her memory skills, but also have fun learning through play!

Young kids are busy workers who learn best through play. So while you might be anxious for her to learn through a more formal structure, informal play is the best learning medium for young kids.

Upper and Lower Case Letters Matching

Does your child recognize the alphabet? Usually kids learn to identify the uppercase letters first while the lowercase letters recognition come later.

Give your child a fun activity to do so she could learn to identify both the lower and uppercase letters.

Create two sets of letters of the alphabet on index cards, with one set printed with the uppercase letters in one color, and the other set printed with the lowercase letters in another color.

After you’ve completed both sets, have one set of cards lay out on the floor or table with letter side up. Then have your kid pick out a card from the other pile of cards and match it with its partner card from the floor or table.

This activity will also build on her memory skills.

Create an Alphabet Scrapbook

Picture of letter b and ball.Gather some magazines, scrapbook paper, scissors and glue and you’re set to go.

Firstly create a scrapbook with 26 pages, and on each page, print out a letter from the alphabet. Include both the upper and lowercase letter.

Then for each of the 26 letters, have your child pick out about three object pictures he likes from some old magazines. Clip out the pictures and glue them onto the corresponding letter page.

For example, for letter A, find pictures of an apple, an ant, and an arrow. For letter B, find pictures of a baby, a boy, and a box.

This activity will demonstrate to your child that each letter could be used to represent different things, and let him know that things in daily lives could be associated with letters. The completed scrapbook could be used for his independent reading.

Make Your Own Word and Picture Flashcards

My son was given a set of word and picture flash cards from his older twin cousins when he was a young toddler.  I used to show him the cards and read out the words of the pictures to him. Through repetition, he soon picked up that pictures are associated with words.

Later on, he would take out the stack of cards and lay them on the bed on his own, where he would “study” the pictures and look at the words himself. Naturally over time, he is able to identify the pictures and read the names of the objects.

You can create your own DIY version by gathering some index cards and old magazines. On one side of the index card, cut out and glue on an object your child likes from the magazines. At the back of the index card, print out the name of the object.

Show your child the picture and have him name the object. Then flip over the card and show the name printed on the back of the card. Point under the word and move your finger along as you sound out the word slowly to your child. This will help him understand that words are made up of letter sounds.

As your child grows in his reading confidence, have him read the words first before showing him the picture.

What other fun early reading activities have you been through with your child? Leave a comment below and I’d love to read them!


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