Help Your Child Read Faster

Mother and young son reading a book together. Tips on helping your child to read faster.There are two kinds of reading that’s considered fast when referring to a child.

The first is when a child reads at a younger than average age. When this happens, people refer to it as reading fast.

The second kind of fast reading deals with how quickly your child can read a book from start to finish. While he’s at home, how quickly he reads isn’t an issue if it’s his own books that your child is reading.

But if he’s using library books, then he’ll have to learn how to master reading at a faster pace since there’s a lending time limit. In Singapore, there are fines for overdue library books. So you probably won’t like the idea of having to pay fines for overdue books on a consistent basis.

Cultivate the Habit of Reading Faster

In addition to wanting your child to read young, you also likely want her to be a fast reader. The reason for this is because how fast she can read will impact how she’s able to handle her subjects in school.

Your child won’t have as much time to complete reading assignments that she has to do during class work. Plus, her homework will have to be completed in a set time.

The reading will then include reading in all her subjects and not just reading books for pleasure. So get her in the habit of reading faster right now. There are a few things that you can do to help your child read faster.

Besides making sure that your child reads every day when she’s first learning how to read, you can try to set reading goals for her.

These goals can be a certain amount of pages read every day or every other day. Or they can be a certain number of books read per month.

Keep in mind that you never want to make reading feel like a punishment to your child. It should be an enjoyment, a pleasure to read. So keep it light and fun. That way, it won’t come across as a chore as chores feel like a burden and will quickly turn a kid off reading.

If you notice that when your kid become bored or restless while reading, or that she’s too distracted by something else such a cousin coming over to play, it might be a good idea to let her read at a later time or the next day.

Helping Your Kid with New Vocabulary

When you get books for your child to read, go over the vocabulary words with him. Explain any words in there that he may not have seen before.

It can also be helpful to aiding a child in reading faster if you give a few examples of ways that a new vocabulary word can be used in sentences.

Keep reiterating phonics, especially to younger children and any child that’s having a struggle with reading.

While being able to read at a young age and being a fast reader can be of benefits to him, please remember that it won’t help him if he doesn’t comprehend what he reads.

Not retaining what he learns means he’s not learning. If that’s the case, then you have to slow down and perhaps dial it down a notch or two until he’s ready.

You can create a sight word vocabulary list for your child and have him work on memorizing that list. This will help him to retain new words better. You can even make the list of words into a little jingle to make the words easier for him to remember.

Also, try giving your child audiobooks. Because as audiobooks are read aloud to him, this will help to improve his accuracy as well as his speed. It’s also of great benefit to parents who aren’t native English speakers who might be uncertain of certain word pronunciations.

Have you been trying other ways to help your child read faster? Please share your methods with us!

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