Toddler is Reading at 3

After 9 months of home reading lessons, my toddler is reading at 3.

When I was doing the reading lessons with him, it’s usually just him and me in the flat, so there’s no one to help us take any videos.

It can be a challenge taking videos of Kaden reading when he was younger. I’ve tried to do it on several occasions in the past, but whenever he saw me holding my smartphone up to capture him on video, he would quickly stand up and walk over to see what I was doing!

The video below was taken shortly after he turned 3 this February. It’s an old storybook passed down to him from his older twin cousins and it was his first attempts reading it, so he sounded rather hesitant and his pronunciation could be a little shaky at times. ;)

By the way, the book is called The Apple by Joy Cowley. Yes, even though the first story is about the apple, I’ve edited out that story because Kaden was too distracted during the beginning stage of the video. The video would only show him reading the second and third stories found in the book.

Do you still remember the first moment your child was reading? Share it with me, I’d love to hear it.

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